Low-Maintenance Cats

Are you in the market for a cat to help you? The love of a cat is something special that people must earn from them. As you look for a new friend to take care of and make happy, you want to find cats with natures that are likely to give the type of affection that you desire in a therapeutic cat.


What most people really love about ragdoll cats is the unique look that they have. Their coats can become quite bushy, and I personally think they look really pretty. Many ragdoll cats have striking blue eyes that stick out from the rest of their coat, which is usually white with some brown mixed into it.

The reason that they are such a good choice for those looking into adopting a pet for therapeutic reasons is because they are loving. Some cat breeds are not the most social or can be temperamental in certain situations. This is not true of the ragdoll, as they love to be touched and love attention.


Even though I think that Persian cats are kind of silly-looking ,they make great companions for those who want a loving friend. They are very long-haired cats and have a distinct look. Many people like them because they have an understanding of being “fancy” cats.

As the name suggests, the breed comes from middle-eastern areas; Iran, to be precise. You should make sure to be able to take your Persian to the vet often if you adopt one, because the breed has some issues with kidney disease. I wouldn’t describe Persians as lazy, but they feel comfortable in an apartment or home.


Birmans have a longer coat so if you have allergies related to cats, a Birman is not your best bet to adopt. They have different variations. Many of the Birmans that I have seen look similar to a ragdoll, except that the coat is darker in their legs, with white paws.

They don’t grow to be a large cat, so they likely won’t have problems being a house cat. In this way, the Birman is a good cat to have around since they find their own way to exercise without the need for being let outdoors where they may become lost or hurt.